No, it’s a flat finish
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Pam, I am sure they would! They had a real tacky back, they just don’t stick real well to clothes. Hope this helps.
They come in sheets but they are not 8 X 11. I wouldn’t recommend putting them in a printer.
I did not use them in the printer. But I am sure they would if you had a templet to use.
I don’t know what you mean by “run through”. I printed names on them with my printer.
I have been using them as name tags for our small dog playgroup members. They stick well and peel off easily.
Not perforated. Peel off and stick on.
They will stick and in fact are hard to remove after being there a while. The smoother the surface the better. Rough surfaces make it hard to stick originally
The backing is perforated so they can be separated without the adhesive being exposed or you can peel each one separately off the roll. Very easy to work with and move about without worrying over sticky residue.
We used these labels as name tags at a large party for my mom’s 90th birthday. A number of people had on delicate or silky clothes and the name tags caused no problem. I would be cautious about using them on suede.
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